Using Ylang Ylang Oil

Promotes relaxation

The herb contains linalool-a naturally occurring terpene alcohol. The compound has a pleasant floral smell with a touch of spiciness, and is claimed to act as an antidepressant and sedative.

Besides Linalool, there are many other chemicals in present like Germacrene, Caryophyllene, and Sesquiterpenes, which all are potent stress-busters. These chemicals together produce a fragrance of therapeutic tendencies, which can have the following effects:

  • It lifts mood
  • It increases confidence
  • It eases muscle stiffness
  • It controls acne
  • It relieves nausea and motion sickness

Relieves hypertension

The pharmaceutical industry is replete with a plethora of pills and potions for lowering blood sugar, but those drugs come with their own set of side effects. In the domain of naturopathy, however, some essential oils work wonders to eliminate the symptoms of high blood pressure. Ylang Ylang is one of those oils that aroma-therapists recommend as a miracle cure for hypertension.

Keeping a diffuser filled with Ylang Ylang oil in your home can help promote a general sense of wellbeing, making you feel light and keen.

Facilitates a healthy menstrual cycle

This is something that is debatable, but researchers have been gathering evidence about the claim that the smell of Ylang Ylang can promote a happy ‘period’ experience. Aroma-therapists have long been using ylang ylang to treat PSM (Pre menstrual syndrome) in their patients. Smelling Ylang Ylang oil during periods can relieve some of the physical and emotional symptoms of PSM-those intolerable belly cramps, nausea, and mood blackouts.

Since the aroma is a potent antidepressant and sedative, inhaling it can help a ‘damsel in distress’ cope up with her ‘shark week’.

Treats Depression

In the world of alternative medicine, The herb is believed to be a potent antidepressant. Inhaling Ylang Ylang vapors can provide relief from anxiety, tension, sadness, and chronic depression.

Using a vaporizer to diffuse the scent is a good way to use Ylang Ylang, though there are other ways too. In dilution, it can be used as massage oil that can be applied to ease physical exhaustion, insomnia, nervous tension and stress.