Improve Your Bicep Form

Pinky’s In.

The first trick to be aware of is when you are performing this move is to keep your pinky finger inwards. As you bring the weight up, think of twisting the wrist ever so slightly, bringing your pinky onto your body.

When doing this, you will find you get a sharp contraction in your bicep muscle, improving your mind-muscle connection as well as the contraction you get from the exercise itself.

Elbows Tight.

Next, you will also want to focus on keeping your elbows tight, locked into the side of your body. Keeping your elbows close is critical as when you start to let your elbows lift up or move to the side, you lose some of the tension on the muscle tissue.

Keep your elbows locked into the sides of your body and not budging an inch until the exercise is over.

Shoulders Stationary And Down.

The third tip to keep in mind as you go about performing your bicep curl is that your shoulders should be stationary and down. One big mistake many people make is allowing their shoulders to move as momentum carries them through this exercise.

Allowing your shoulders to go at this time, will take much of the stress off the bicep and could even result in injury. Keep your shoulders motionless to ensure the only contracting happening is coming from your biceps.