Hairstyles For Long Faces

  1. Side part wavy hairstyle If you prefer short hair, then a short bob can be an ideal haircut for you. No doubt, the cut is a classical one, but the extra volume it gives you makes the style trendy. Secondly, the additional volume will complement your face.
  2. Side bangs – A side bang is the best option for girls who want to hide their large forehead, and pointy chin. Additionally, you should try to make the side bangs heavy.
  3. Loose and long – Women with long faces have a tendency to cut their long hair short, as they believe it can highlight their pointed chin. However, if you can keep the length long with soft waves, it can be quite appealing.
  4. 4Layered haircut Many people get confused between a long and oval face shape. The primary difference between both is the face length, and the pointed chin. When you want to hide the pointed chin, layered haircut is ideal for you. This is because the layers start from the chin, which avoids elongating a long face even more.
  5. Pixie haircut – Oval faces are considered the best because every hairstyle looks perfect on them. You should try your haircut in such a way that the hair length is no longer than your ear. As the length of the bangs cut the forehead diagonally, it helps you to cover your large forehead.
  6. Center part hairstyle – When your hair length is medium or short, it should have a wow factor. You can use a curling iron to create wavy curls on either side. Additionally, you can achieve perfection by teasing the hair.
  7. Over-the-shoulder braid – This hairstyle shifts the focus from the length of your face to give it a more symmetrical appearance. You can either braid the hair along the hairline, or braid on the side you flip your bang. Burgundy or any other highlights are sure to add more depth, and texture to your look.