Fitting a Workout in on a Busy Day

Go Compound. First, ditch all the isolation exercises you have in place and focus strictly on compound movements. These will work for multiple muscle groups at once, hence give you the biggest “bang for your buck,” so to speak.

Examples include…

  • squats,
  • deadlifts,
  • bench press,
  • bent over rows,
  • shoulder press, and
  • pull-ups.

These should be the mainstay of a short-on-time workout program.

Super set. Next, focus on super setting your exercises as much as you can. If you can pair together one upper body move with one lower body move, you will see the best results as one-half of your body can rest while the other half is working.

Super setting your exercises cuts back on how much downtime you have for rest, ensuring you are not wasting any unnecessary time in the gym. As a bonus, it will also keep your heart rate up, giving you cardiovascular like effects.

Do Abs Between Sets. You can also choose to do core movements between your main exercises as a way to keep your body moving and strengthening your midsection at the same time. It will save you from having to devote another ten minutes in the end to do abdominal work.