Clary Sage Essential Oil Exposed

Clary Sage Goes Straight to Your Head

There is a rather archaic vocabulary associated with aromatherapy. Some of the properties are common across several types of essential oils. One property that is rare and unique is the label of euphoric.

As the name implies, euphorics have intoxicating effects and should be avoided while under the influence of other intoxicants. It has been successfully combined with muscatel wine and even went as far as to replace hops in 16th century England. Because of these euphoric effects, it’s wise to reconsider driving or operating heavy machinery.

Why Women Love Clary Sage Oil

From puberty to menopause, clary sage has been prized by women across all of the phases of their lives. It can have a dramatic impact on the menstrual cycle and has been recommended for heavy periods, cramping, hot flashes, stress, anxiety, tension and muscle pains. For these same reasons, pregnant women should steer clear.

The scent is floral and a little musky – soft, sweet and herbal, with a tea-like afterthought. It’s great alone, but pairs well with lavender, rose, neroli, jasmine, geranium and just about any citrus oil (but especially bergamot.)

Aromatherapy Options

There are many ways to incorporate clary sage into your daily life. If you have the essential oil, you can add a few drops to your bath. There are aromatherapy pendants and jewelry. Or, you can keep yours handy with mobile and convenient clary sage aromatherapy inhalers. It oil can be added to lotions, body creams and butters, massage oils or dispersed using your favorite vaporizer or diffuser. Whatever you do, be careful not to overdo it, as headaches can be a possible side effect of those who over-indulge.