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Flat Belly Solution Principles

Flat Belly Solution Principles for Lasting Fat Loss

  • Know your metabolic type: Now you can consciously choose the perfect foods for your specific metabolism. Isabel teaches you how.
  • Eat consciously: Mindless eating is overeating. You will learn to determine how each piece of food you eat will affect your body in terms of fat storage.
  • Stop sabotage: Sugar foods and starchy processed foods sabotage your best fat loss efforts. You will get them OUT of your present diet.
  • Eat natural foods: Foods provided by Mother Nature are far more beneficial for fat loss than those produced by food processing companies.
  • Go easy on grains: Remember, they require tons of heating, pressing, processing, soaking, and fermenting…just so you can digest them.

Is it any wonder why women gravitate to a lifetime nutritional plan like Isabel’s? Even though you have heard that eating quality foods, and getting daily exercise, will benefit you both today and in the future…the light doesn’t come on until you consciously integrate those concepts into your everyday routine.

The Flat Belly Solution Principles provide you a solid foundation for living a life without fat.

Get a Sexy Body For Summer

In order to get a sexy body and become toned and cut you need to begin by exercises on a daily basis. You should do aerobic and weight training exercise because when you do aerobic you will burn calories and have less fat on your body and weight training will build muscle. Since you can not tone fat you need to lose as much as possible while muscle is very easy to tone.

Another way to lose fat and get a sexy body is by losing extra pounds in hard to lose places. While many people focus on their stomach, and forget about the hard to lose areas. Shaving a few extra pounds off your face, ankles, back, or even hips can change your overall appearance greatly. Not only will you see a different in your appearance but also on the scale.

A good way to lose weight is by using a system, that provides you with a plan, also known as a “blueprint”. Weight loss systems can guide you through losing weight in a very simple manner then will be easy to accomplish for you. When you look for a weight loss system you need to find one that is proven to work through other peoples testimonials so you know you will get results.

There are some weight loss systems that claim they can get a sexy body for you overnight but don’t fall for this because it is scientifically proven to be false and you will just waste money. You need to work hard by exercising everyday and have patience. If you start to use the methods in this system you will see results in weeks. This system has changed the lives of thousands, and can help you to.

Get a Slim And Sexy Body

Control workout programs..

It is not necessary to be on a treadmill or training routines for weight loss for an hour. It is possible to spend 10 to 30 minutes on a resistance training mixed with an interval cardio and still get a slim and sexy shape. This will result in the metabolism rate being raised.

Nurture the body to be natural…

Human body was meant to have certain thing. Develop these things by doing what is necessary. For instance, the body is supposed to have muscles but not gigantic muscles. A slim and sexy body should have lean muscles. This can be achieved through resistance training or routines for body weight. Building lean muscles will help the body to burn of unnecessary calories automatically.

Careful use of supplements…

To supplement is simply to add on and not replacement. Thus, supplements rich in minerals and vitamins should not take the place of necessary foods in the diet. In case it becomes necessary to take supplements, it is advised to take those that are 100% natural. Diet pills should be avoided. Some recommendable supplements include SlimOmatic, fish oil, green tea extracts and multi-vitamins.

Keep off stress a right manner..

Food should not be used to fight stress. To have a slim & sexy body, one should avoid eating food so that comfort can be achieved. It is important to note that stress should be avoided as it adds to unwanted fats in the body. Some good methods to manage stress include workouts of high intensity, water therapy, deep breathing routines and simple tasks like dancing, having a break for fresh air or taking a walk.

Body hydration… Hydrotherapy

The body is majorly made of water and thus should be continuously hydrated for it to remain slim & sexy. Avoid drinks such as sodas, fruit juices that are sugary, or alcohol. Taking water in right amounts is a sure way of keeping fit.

Sexy Body Tips For a Busy Mom

Start to consume low fat and low calories foods. Change your meal into healthy meal every day. As you know, your weight comes from foods that you consume ever day. Probably you will lose control to set your meals because of your routine, but to avoid over weight you need to pay attention on your meals right now! Consume vegetables and fruits as much as possible.

Drink plenty water at least 2 liters or 3 litters a day. Do not ever drink soda, artificial sugar drinks, alcohol and etc. Those will increase fat in a flash. Besides, those drinks will also damage your health. Stay away from those drinks and change it with healthy drink, fresh water.

Throw away your laziness to do exercises. Set up your exercises schedule in the weekend. You can do it with your family. This method is good to add your spirit to do sport. Jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobic are good exercises to do with your family. Automatically you will burn your fat in a flash if you do it continuously.

Remove your mental tension. Based on the study, stress can lead women to get overweight! Relax your mind by taking vacation together with your family. Beautiful scenery will wash your stress and change it with positive mind automatically. Get your sexy body in a flash and enjoy your task as the best mom.

Sculpt a Strong Sexy Body

We have already touched on the importance of compound muscle workouts for overall muscle development, but now we will look at a few more advantages of utilizing these types of workouts.

Compound exercises will help you finish your workout faster because you can hit all of your muscles for a total body workout quicker than if you used all isolation exercises.

Your muscle coordination will be improved because you will be training them together instead of working each muscle group separate and individually.

Working multiple muscles simultaneously will help to quickly burn calories and keep your heart rate up for quicker fat loss.
Compound exercises will prepare you for real world activities – picking up a child, removing a heavy item from a high place, etc.

You do not need to go out and buy expensive workout machines and fancy equipment. You can do your workout anywhere you are. Your body can be effectively used for resistance and weight training and you can develop a lean, toned, sexy body without joining a high priced gym.

If you would like to learn more and get training from the experts, I have highlighted three of the top fitness programs for the fastest results for getting that super hot body. Master fitness experts and trainers with secret techniques to achieve a ripped sexy body

Sexy Body Using the Fat Burn Diet Plan

  1. Commit – Commit to the idea that this will be long term lifestyle change, not just a diet you’ll do for a week or two. This more of a mental action but critical nonetheless. Commit to sacrificing a bit. Just understand that the fat burn diet plan will melt fat and get you losing weight fast but it’s also an amazingly healthy way to eat. The benefits include stabilized blood sugar, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improved digestion and elimination, as well as feeling an amazing increase in energy.
  2. Educate yourself – The fat burn diet is based on eating real foods, keeping appetite under control by controlling blood sugar, and not calorie counting or conforming to extreme low carb or low fat menu. Knowing why you’ll be far more successful with this diet than trying to lose weight with a restricted, low carb or low fat diet plan is motivating because it’s worked for thousands of frustrated dieters.
  3. Clean out the pantry РThis is an extremely important step. You will need to get rid of or give away if you choose, all the bad foods that will ruin your fat burn efforts. These include any foods with sucrose (table sugar), high fructose corn syrup, foods with hydrogenated oils, anything with white flour like white bread. You simply want none of the tempting sugary or empty carb foods and snacks lying around. Weaning off sucrose (table sugar) is perhaps one of the most critical steps in the fat burn diet especially at the beginning.
  4. Restock your pantry – you will need to replace your pantry and refrigerator with lean proteins, complex carbs and good fats. Of course you will need some help with this part. There is a great source of these foods at the end of the article so don’t worry, there are so many great food options within these 3 groups.

Keep Fit at the Office

  1. Alternate Sitting and Standing
    Instead of just keeping your body idle, why not sit and stand at different times of the day! This keeps the blood flowing all-throughout your body! Did you know that just standing up burns fat? If you’re not typing or reading from a screen, try stretching your legs and stand up to take that call or brainstorm on your feet. Some people who’ve tried it say it keeps them more alert and responsive while working!
  2. Try Walking Meetings
    You don’t have to be alone in keeping fit at the office! Encourage your co-workers to join you in having a meeting while walking! It doesn’t have to be that long, just going down to the nearest store for coffee or a snack is enough. Exercise your mind and body by moving your legs to get the blood pumping while absorbing sunlight for some vitamin D to give skin that natural glow and stay awake.
  3. Strengthen Calves
    Feel like your feet are turning into cement? Try pointing your toes while sitting down or standing up! Not only will it stretch your toes and crack some knots, but it will also strengthen your feet and calves to keep it firm. It will relax your lower body and ready your legs ready for your walk to the car or even straight home! Do this as often as you like stretch some muscles and give better leg definition.
  4. Shoulder Blade Squeezes
    When work is building up and you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, why not relax your shoulders with simple exercises! You can sit down, straighten posture, and move your elbows backwards like you’re squeezing something with your shoulder blades, stay in that position for 15-20 seconds and release. Do as many times as you want or need, it will help shake off anxiety.
  5. Take time to Meditate
    This is the easiest exercise you can do at the office that can greatly benefit your fitness and your overall well-being as well. Taking a small time off your day to take a break; close your eyes, clear all thoughts, and focus on breathing is essential to be able to continue on with the day more productively and calmly. Overthinking and overstressing will age our body faster and leave us constantly tired.

Tips For Better Calf Training

Half Reps Are An Excellent Idea. If you want to really up the ante of your calf training program, consider adding a few half reps into the mix. Half reps, where you move only through the top half of the range of motion, or if you are brave, the lower half, places enormous strain on your calf muscle because there is no point of relaxation in this rep range.

Usually, the best way to employ this technique is to perform ten full reps of your calf exercise and then move into ten reps or so of the half reps. Then, if you are not thoroughly exhausted, you can do another full ten reps to finish the muscles off.

Full Range Of Motion Is A Must. Next, make sure you are moving through the full range of motion: this means you are going beyond parallel. Many people do standing calf raises off the floor. While this is good to a degree, it will be far better if you let your feet drop below parallel: this gives you a much more significant stretch at the bottom of the exercise, which then translates to superior strength progression.

Try doing those calf raises off a step and see the difference that makes.

Take Balance Out Of The Exercise. You might think doing single leg calf raises while trying to balance is a great way to get more from this exercise. And, if your goal is stability or core strength, then it very well may be. But, if your goal is to build stronger calves, avoid doing single leg unsupported work.

Squat Variations

Single-Leg Squat

Also known as Pistol squats, these are great for improving balance. Spread your hands in the front. Lift the other leg and keep it straight just like your hands. Lower your upper body. Lift your body upwards without falling down. It might seem a bit tricky in the beginning but soon you will be able to do it without falling down.

Squat Pulses

You can target the muscles of your lower body with the help of this exercise. Lower your body as you would do in a normal squat. Then in that position move your upper body with the help of your thighs up and down in the same knee bent position. You can also call it pulsing up and down. Do the exercise properly to reap its numerous benefits.

Dumbbell Split Squat

This exercise is a sure shot method to target your thigh muscles. Keep your left foot on an elevated platform. The right foot will be out of the front and bent the knee. Grab a dumbbell with both hands and let them be by your side. Bend your knees further and lower your body down. Lift your body up. Maintain a proper posture and keep on repeating the movement.

Braced Squat

it will increase the stability in the core and will help you in strengthening your lower body part. To do the exercise, you need to stand with some distance between your feet. Hold a weighted plate in the front with the help of both hands. Keep your hands straight so that the plate is right in front of your face. Lower your body and then move it back into the primary position.

Chair Squat

This exercise can be performed easily anywhere all you need is a chair. Stand in front of a chair. Lower your body as if you are to sit on the chair but do not sit on the chair. Stop a few inches above the chair. With the help of your abdominal muscles hold your body. You can even straighten your arms out in the front to make it easier. Move your body upwards and repeat the exercise. To increase the level of difficulty, you can do the exercise on your toes.

Losing Weight

We can use negative motivation to get a positive result, but what fun is that? I believe that negative motivation only works in certain situations, usually if it comes from an external rather than internal source. So for example, I use negative motivation to inspire my clients to use proper form: If a client reaches down to pick up a kettle bell to do a squat and they look down at the kettle bell when beginning or ending their reps, then I make them do a punishment exercise.

This use of negative motivation to get a positive result is based on my ability to watch the client and make the client get into proper form; the goal is to get them to remember the proper form. I want the discomfort of the punishment exercise to remind them to use proper form next time. Using negative motivations with yourself may not yield positive results; instead, it may result in less time working out or less time at the gym, or even possibly an injury.

Negative motivations can also sometimes turn into justifications or excuses for why you should not go to the gym or workout. Don’t talk yourself into reasons why you should not be motivated to go to the gym or to get your workout for the day! These types of negative motivations get you negative results.

You miss a day at the gym that you could have used to create a more positive outcome. There will be ordinary, uncontrollable instances that prevent you from going to the gym or making your workout, so there’s no reason to add to these “misses” with excuses.

Negative motivation excuses add to the number of workouts you are going to miss anyway. So use positive motivation to get you in and through as many workouts as possible and let the natural occurrences that keep you away from exercise happen without your mind interfering in the process.

Another reason to think carefully about how we motivate ourselves to get to our workouts and to eat properly is the goal setting process. As you may have experienced, once you set a goal or make a commitment to do something to better your life, it seems karma or the universe (or whatever you want to call it) puts you to the test.

Setting the goal to make positive change in your life seems to come with a flip-side which is a negativity that creeps in to test your fortitude. Because of this type of karma or universal balance we should keep our minds as clear as possible of negative motivation and as full of positive motivations to help balance the scale.

In our minds, if we are adding to the negative side immediately after we set a goal for ourselves, it is going to be easy to fail. Moreover, negative motivation leads to greater negativity. I believe it takes 80% more positive thoughts than negative thoughts to keep the balance at least neutral, because of the way most of us in this society were brought up. As a rule in life, try to accentuate the positive and push away the negative.

If in your life you have not experienced such a balance and imbalance, here’s a test on my theory: Think about something you absolutely love – a favorite food, an object, a place, a video game or television show, anything as long as it’s something that you absolutely enjoy. Now tell yourself you are not going to engage with that thing you love for one week.