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Dash Diet

In fact, a DASH eating plan can be a part of any healthy eating plan. Not only, will it help lower blood pressure but it will offer additional heart health benefits including lowering LDL cholesterol and inflammation.

The diet consists of foods that are low in sodium and consists of a variety of foods that are rich in nutrients like potassium, calcium and magnesium are known to help lower blood pressure. The diet is rich in fibre that again helps to lower blood pressure and knock off the extra pounds which will in-turn assist in lowering blood pressure.

What should you eat on a DASH eating plan?

  • Grains like whole wheat, brown rice, barley, oats, quinoa are packed with nutrients like proteins, B vitamins and trace minerals, fibre and antioxidants which has been shown to reduce the risk of several diseases. However, processed grains lack most nutrients and should be avoided.
  • Include fat-free or low-fat milk, yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, paneer in your diet instead of full-fat options. For those who are lactose intolerant, lactose-free milk and milk products are an option.
  • Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc, beans, dals and seeds like the sunflower seeds, melon seeds, etc are a part of a healthy eating DASH diet. They are rich in dietary fibre protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals like zinc and magnesium, etc. Although nuts contain the healthy fats, it would be wise to eat them in restricted amounts as they are high in calories. Also, avoid salted or honey roasted nuts for their high sodium and sugar content.
  • Lean meat, egg, poultry and fish in moderation rather than meats with high saturated fat content. Processed meats such as bacon, ham, sausages, salami, etc contain a significant amount of sodium, hence restrict the intake. Occasional intake of red meat is permitted.
  • Fruits and vegetables are naturally rich in potassium which plays an important role in lowering blood pressure. If you are one who is not fond of fruits and vegetables make the change gradually. Add an extra fruit or vegetable in the day in addition to what you are currently having a start. Prefer a whole fruit to juices. Unsweetened dried fruits like raisins, cranberries, dried figs, etc. are good travel choices. Make sure there is a vegetable at each meal.
  • The diet should be low in saturated fats and total fats. A diet high in saturated fats increases the risk of heart disease and hypertension. Fats are important for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and help in building the body’s immune system. Use of oils like olive oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil should be promoted in each meal and trans fats which are commonly found in processed and fried food should be avoided.

To make this diet work even better here are some additional tips:-

  • Reducing alcohol intake may help reduce blood pressure. Hence, keep the alcohol intake under check.
  • Aerobic exercise along with DASH diet works faster in lowering blood pressure.
  • Read food labels to choose products that are lower in sodium.
  • Stress can raise blood pressure even if the diet is healthy. Hence, stress management techniques like meditation, yoga, etc will help keep the blood pressure under check.
  • Poor sleep increases blood pressure. So, 7-8 hours of sound sleep will help in keeping the blood pressure in control.
  • If you are someone who smokes, then quitting it would help lower blood pressure.
  • Take your medication as prescribed.
  • Limit the salt intake to 1 teaspoon a day.

Acrylic Nail Monomer

Acrylic monomer is basically a solution of the acrylic polymer. The solution of the acrylic is applied on the nails and following that it is treated with the UV lights. The few layers used in the Acrylic method not only make the nails long but augment their manifestation. Unlike the others, these sorts of nails are extremely low maintenance and most importantly the nails treated with the acrylic technique do not turn yellow with the time. The acrylic pin is the best option for you if you have a stiff nail that could break easily.

The acrylics usually eliminate the odor that the artificial pins generally have. If you sport an artificial thumbnail, you also would not like to let the people know about it but often it comes under the observance because of the odor. If you give the acrylic nails thumbs up, you would not suffer from the recognizable scent of the fake nails. To get rid of the fact that people quickly understands that your nails are not original, the best you could do is availing the acrylic techniques.

Some will criticize the acrylic nail monomer requires to be applied frequently within a short span of time and it is true to some extent. But you don’t need to worry much because if you pay a little attention to your nails, it will remain the same for a good period of time. Basically, the thumbnails get yellow if you apply the acrylic nail technique but if you maintain your nails well, those will look the same glow as they used to be before.

This technique is considered to be the best option for the ladies of all the ages because of some worthy reasons. These are perfect for the brittle and fragile nails. If you don’t have the strong and flexible nails, you don’t have to worry a bit because the acrylic nails will be the protector of your nails. Having the beautiful and gorgeous pieces of nails will always be an important aspect in how you will present yourself in front of all and Acrylic comes with a variety of colors and designs.
If you are going to avail the acrylic technique, having your nails well-manicured would be a smarter option for you. You can feel the best experience of your life with the Acrylic Nails.

Plump-Up Your Facial Skin

Fillers are made up of sugar molecules which are composed of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Dermal fillers help in fixing a variety of concerns, which includes:

  • Add volume and smoothing to the layers of the face and cleanse out the deep creases that run from the nose to the mouth.
  • Plump in the thin lips and smoothen out the vertical lines around the edges of the lips.
  • Improve cheeks to enhance its shape and restore fullness.
  • Filling out hollow lines underneath the eye area.
  • Increasing the volume of the lower cheek or the temple area of the face.

Dermal fillers can be used on a variety of areas including hollow cheeks, nose to mouth, beneath nose around the lips, forehead, mouth to chin, acne scars, etc. The treatment process takes less than 45 minutes. Numerous different types of fillers are used to smoothen the facial areas. A range of dermal filler products are used to transform face with deep scars and lines to smooth and shiny skin. Injectable wrinkle fillers can give you a more youthful look for a fraction of what a traditional facelift costs. Unlike, botox treatment, injectable fillers help in relaxing the muscle under the wrinkles and fill the crease lines, thereby reducing the trouble spots.

Dermatologists also provide variety of other anti-ageing skin treatments for wrinkle treatments like chemical facial peels, microdermabrasion, etc. If you too are looking for a consultation with one of the best dermatologists, then you should book an appointment and seek the best customized treatment plan according to your requirement. The cost of treatment entirely depends on the type of filler substance you are looking for and the condition of your skin.

6D Eyebrow Embroidery

  1. It enhances your eyebrows’ natural look. There are more strokes included in this procedure that helps create finer-looking eyebrows. It uses a blade in its stroking procedure, unlike 3D that uses a machine. That is why the result is more natural.
  2. It is a painless process. When it comes to beauty enhancement procedure, 6D is one of the most comfortable and safe processes. You can get a 100% satisfaction with the result without experiencing the pain. It is a new beauty trend, and searching for a professional clinic with the latest and sophisticated devices is the best recommendation.
  3. It creates fuller-look eyebrows. If you are problematic about your thin eyebrow, then it is the ideal solution for you to achieve fuller-look eyebrows. Since it involves many precise strokes with the use of the blade, it can naturally create an effect of the realistic and proportional growth of your eyebrow hair.
  4. It gives a natural lift to your eyes. People most of the time look at the personality of a person through their eyes, most especially for the first meet up. The more beautiful your eyes, the more attractive you appear to them. And eyebrow is an important part of your eye that you should emphasise. Grooming your eyebrows is an opportunity to create an impressive structure for your eyes because it provides a natural lift for it.
  5. It is a customised procedure. You can adjust and choose the width and length of your eyebrows depending on your preference. The procedure will allow you and the expert to customise the application that is suitable for your face features and shape.
  6. It lasts longer. Compare to other eyebrow embroidery procedures, the 6D eyebrow embroidery lasts longer. It can last for more than 2 years, but it depends on how you maintain it. You can extend the good result if you properly take care of your embroidery.
  7. It saves you time and energy. With the hectic schedule of your everyday life, it becomes more exhausting to draw a perfect eyebrow each day. The 6D embroidery helps you manage your time. Instead of doing your eyebrows, you can spend those minutes to other important errands like eating your breakfast without hurrying.

Nail Design Shop

If you look around, you can very well discover that the nails were only taken into fashion with the single colored nail paints and that is absolutely not the way that the style requires. When people understood that the nails need more than just the paints, they had an urge to develop different sorts of techniques that can really match the level of expertise that your one of the most important body parts deserves. From then till now, there are various nail designs that have been developed and those have actually given the desired glow that a nail deserves.

Various nail design shops are the burning examples of the success of nailing art their acceptance. Having a quick look on some of the designs can make you understand that the nails are not limited to the mere paints.

French Manicure: This technique is considered to be one of the oldest tricks to give your thumbnails a life. In spite of being an old one, its uniqueness and usability have made this particular technique well-liked even now. Invented back in 1930, it is still the definition of sophistication and style statement.

Dip Powder Starter Kit: This is one of the most utilized arts that have been famous among the ladies. Not only the style and gorgeousness it can provide you, the health consciousness is one of the main aspects which are considered for availing the technique. Well, we do not find many nail designs to be health efficient.

Acrylic Nail Monomer: This technique is meant for the ladies who want to shine among all with their beautiful and long thumbnails but cannot do so just because of the short nails they have. You may have heard about those techniques which can bring the elegance and gorgeousness to your important body part but those cannot grow them instantly. Acrylic can grow your nails within a few minutes and the best part is you will not even feel like wearing an artificial one because of the thin layer and natural looks of it.

Info of Hair Conditioners

In recent years, modern technology and research had made it possible to introduce such hair conditioners which do not give any heavy or greasy feeling to its user, as these are made of ammonia, alcohols, and silicone.

Various types of hair conditioners are available in market now a days, which are as follows:

Ordinary conditioners, which after using a shampoo, we can generally apply directly to our body.

Leave-in conditioners are made of chains of unsaturated fatty acids. These chains are less viscous and add a thinner greasy layer to the hair. Their viscosity imparts them oily characteristics. It can be used just like a hair oil, and keeps hair straight and smooth.

Hold conditioners, which work just like gels and can keep your hair in a shape as you wish to give them.

Pack conditioners, which are extremely viscous and highly concentrated, these bind the hair together and glue them as you wish to give a desired shape to the hair and keep them intact for a longer time. These are usually made of fatty acid chains, which add a thicker layer to the hair.

The most important ingredients of hair conditioners may include but not limited to oils, moisturizers, and preservatives. They may also include sun screen, which protects it against color loss and degradation of protein molecules. The sun screens used in hair conditioners are quite different to those used in skin products. They are usually acidic in nature; their acidity is all due to organic acids such as citric acid in them.

How important hair conditioning is, just imagine the difference between a barren and a fertile land. A barren land is devoid of any grass, plant or tree, while a fertile land gives a pleasant look with lush green plants, grassy landscape, and flowery plants and trees. same is the difference between dry and dull hair and well-conditioned hair. Our hair are often exposed to dirt, pollutants, and hair coloring chemicals. They make them prone to damage and frizzy look. A conditioner steps in to restore them back their vigor and luster.

Hair conditioners and shampoo usually go together. Shampoo serves as a cleansing agent, while conditioners protect and impart beauty to the hair by coating a thin layer over the surface of the hair. The main disadvantage of using a shampoo quite frequently is that while cleansing the dirt of hair, it also layer of cuticles which cover and protect hair shafts, thus making hair vulnerable to damage and getting weaker and thin. Contrary to this, a conditioner adds a thin layer of moisture to these cuticles and protects hair.

Hair add too much to beauty and personality. Healthy hair need too much care and attention. Many quick home remedies are available in the market to protect and give a beautiful look to your hair. Hair conditioning is one of them. You may prepare and use them at comfort of your home, or buy them from a super store, but the point is how to apply them in a best manner to achieve the best results.

In the end some words about natural conditioners. They have the same impact on your hair as artificial conditioners might have, rather they can produce better results than those available in markets. They include natural ingredients such as olive oil, eggs, yogurt, banana, and many others which have no side-effects at all. They are easily available in the market and more cost-effective. Today various naturally made conditioners are also available in the market that can save you time and money, and above all, they are better for health of your hair.

An ultimate solution for blonde, silver, colored, light brown, and all type of hair
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Properly manages the scattered hair
Makes undesirable tones like yellowish and brass quite neutral
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Hairstyles For Long Faces

  1. Side part wavy hairstyle If you prefer short hair, then a short bob can be an ideal haircut for you. No doubt, the cut is a classical one, but the extra volume it gives you makes the style trendy. Secondly, the additional volume will complement your face.
  2. Side bangs – A side bang is the best option for girls who want to hide their large forehead, and pointy chin. Additionally, you should try to make the side bangs heavy.
  3. Loose and long – Women with long faces have a tendency to cut their long hair short, as they believe it can highlight their pointed chin. However, if you can keep the length long with soft waves, it can be quite appealing.
  4. 4Layered haircut Many people get confused between a long and oval face shape. The primary difference between both is the face length, and the pointed chin. When you want to hide the pointed chin, layered haircut is ideal for you. This is because the layers start from the chin, which avoids elongating a long face even more.
  5. Pixie haircut – Oval faces are considered the best because every hairstyle looks perfect on them. You should try your haircut in such a way that the hair length is no longer than your ear. As the length of the bangs cut the forehead diagonally, it helps you to cover your large forehead.
  6. Center part hairstyle – When your hair length is medium or short, it should have a wow factor. You can use a curling iron to create wavy curls on either side. Additionally, you can achieve perfection by teasing the hair.
  7. Over-the-shoulder braid – This hairstyle shifts the focus from the length of your face to give it a more symmetrical appearance. You can either braid the hair along the hairline, or braid on the side you flip your bang. Burgundy or any other highlights are sure to add more depth, and texture to your look.

Repair Damaged Hair

The Trim:

I know this is the last thing you want to hear right now, this might be the very thing you’re trying to avoid by reading this, but hear me out, the toughest of decisions might be the ones that produce the best results, if any at all, so give those split ends a trim, you don’t have to go for a full super cut, just the ends, and if you do decide to go full commando, well, you might want to try out these other remedies before doing anything drastic.

Avoid the hot fix:

The blow dryer and curling irons are often referred as a woman’s dual swords, but they’re a double edged sword, for every time your favorite blow dryer and curling iron have raced against time to get you ready for that fabulous party with your friends. For every second they’ve shaved off your preparation time, they’ve done so at a hefty cost, and for some, it might be too much to gamble now, so consider retiring these weapons of mass preparations, or lessen them to a considerable amount.

Say NO to color… for now:

Genetics are unfair, we’ve all been there, we all wanted that perfect looking hair and somehow it’s just not possible without our favorite colored dye, we didn’t choose our hair color to be this way, it’s just how it is, so when someone tends to advise you against your own perfection goals, you tend to ignore them, especially if it’s just a seemingly harmless bottle away, but these devils have done an equal amount of harm to your locks as they’ve helped them. If not more. So hold off for now.

Spare no expense:

If you’re willing to go that extra mile and bring out the big guns, some hair repair products are no short of miracles, but where to start, these companies are more interested in making profits, then actually helping the customer, and they’re so many of them, that choosing the right one is no short of a nightmare, not to worry, I’ve got your back, try starting with Macadamia, it comes with a personal recommendation.

Hair With Gooseberries

Everyone has their own hair complaints. Even men are suffering from severe hair damage and are opting for hair treatments now. The market is abuzz with products meant for curing almost every one of your hair issues and parlours are listed with an array of treatments to repair the harm that has been done.

Our nature is abound with herbs, fruits etc that can heal and treat many of your beauty problems. A little bit of patience is required to regain what you have damaged but it will be worth the wait and the effort. Any chemical treatment is bound to harm you in the long run but treating yourself with herbal and natural cures will bless you with beauty that is real and long-lasting.

This is a simple recipe of amla (Indian gooseberries) and coconut oil. Prepare this hair oil at home. It’s easy to make, doesn’t take much time and needs only two ingredients; coconut oil and dry gooseberries. Regular usage of this oil stops hair fall and gives you thicker and fuller hair. It cures premature greying and makes your hair darker. It even changes the texture of your hair giving you lovely, soft and smooth locks.

This recipe needs (mainly) only two ingredients; coconut oil and dry gooseberries. Coconut oil nourishes you hair and scalp and promotes hair growth. Gooseberries can cure dandruff and make your hair strong, thick and glossy.

Use plain, pure coconut oil for this recipe. If you are doubtful of the quality of your oil then make the oil at home or derive it by the cold pressed method by purchasing coconuts on your own and having the oil extracted. This will give you absolute pure oil that cannot be matched with any other brands that are available in the market. There are many methods given on the net that teach you how to prepare coconut oil on your own. You could choose the one that’s convenient for you.

Hair oil recipe


  • 200 ml. coconut oil
  • 25 gms. dry gooseberry pieces

If your hair is rather scanty and you suffer from severe hair fall then you could add the below given ingredients as well to the oil. Soak the fenugreek seeds with the gooseberries overnight and add the castor oil, once the oil has cooled down after being cooked with the gooseberries.

  • 2 tsp fenugreek seeds/ methi dana (optional)
  • 1 tbsp castor oil (optional)

Method for preparing the oil:

Soak the gooseberries overnight in a vessel. The next day, heat the oil along with the gooseberries and bring it to boiling point. Now, lower the flame and let this cook on a slow flame for about 15 minutes. The oil will have turned yellowish, by now. Shut the gas and let this oil cool down naturally. Strain the oil and store it in a glass container. You could even store it without straining for maximum benefits.

To use this oil, warm some of it and apply it on your entire scalp and gently massage with your fingertips. For optimum results, leave this at least overnight and wash off with a mild shampoo and warm water, the next day. Or then leave it for a few hours. Do this at least once a week.

This oil is a little heavier and greasier than the usual, plain coconut oil because of the infusion of gooseberries, so you will need some more shampoo than usual to wash off your hair squeaky clean. If you find the oil a bit greasy for yourself, add some more of the plain coconut oil to the gooseberry oil.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Color migration or what is called a blowout happens in normal tattooing and cosmetic tattooing is not an exception. Migration of color can happen anywhere the pigment is injected, but it seems that the face and certain parts of its tissue structure are prone to it, like the eyeliner. Pigment eyeliner migration is a common mishap.

Lightening of pigment – happens over time, with the use of certain skin lightening peels and creams.

Shape adjustments – a little want of symmetry for eyebrows, lips etc.

It is preferable to do this under the supervision of a qualified tattoo artist who takes precautions. Practitioners include dermatologists, cosmetologists, tattooists and nurses. Hepatitis B and C can be contracted with equipment that has not been sterilized appropriately.

Keloid scarring, cold sores, fever blisters, allergies, adverse reactions to MRI on account of the ferromagnetic dyes are all some medical consequences of cosmetic tattooing going wrong. Allergic reactions may occur immediately or even after some years, appearing as a rash. Any pigment that is vegetable based is prone to causing allergies unlike iron oxide, which is the safest pigment.

A cosmetic tattoo correction is required in two cases:

  • When the shape needs to be improved
  • When the color fades

In the first case, there is a product commonly known as magic color which camouflages the earlier tattoo and can be used on eyebrows, eyeliner and the lips. It is suitable for all skin tones, from dark to light.

Color correction – this may need different corrector pigments for different situations. For example, blue eyebrows will need a blue eyebrow corrector pigment, pink or orange eyebrows will need a purple eyebrow corrector pigment.

All corrections usually require more than one sitting and patience is required.

It is important to be trained in pigment colors and skin tones, since some pigment colors do not work well on some skin tones.

The other different methods of removal of cosmetic tattoos are:

  • Laser treatment
  • Dermabrasion
  • TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid)
  • Salabrasion (rubbing the skin with salt)
  • Cryosurgery
  • Excision
  • Microneedling