Benefit From Trampoline Exercises

  • Agility and coordination- it will teach one in coordinating the movement of their legs and arms while keeping the balance
  • Keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check- to jump on a trampoline will not stress the joints, but will help a great deal in lowering triglycerides, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight loss as well as detoxification via the lymphatic system
  • Improved efficiency and heart strength- these exercises will help in strengthening one’s entire body, including the lungs, heart, bladder, kidneys and liver
  • Enhance lower and upper body strength- with the help of trampoline exercise one can develop their lower and upper body strength as effectively as that of weight lifting without the tension of pulled muscles or muscle strain
  • Better flexibility and posture- to jump on a trampoline will help to lengthen and strengthen muscles and toning the same which will automatically improve the posture
  • Plyometric training- also called jump training it indicates the motions that are involved in jumping. It is best to perform such exercises on surfaces which have resilience like trampolines and rebounders
  • Fitness training- most athletes select the trampoline like another exercise form for increasing their strength and stamina. It is 70% more efficient in fitness training compared to track running for the same amount of time

Trampoline exercises offer plentiful health benefits. It can burn fat, tone the body, helps the immune system and also cuts down the chances of falling sick. Though trampolines offer an intense workout, especially for the bones and muscles, the pad or mat absorbs about 80% of the shock especially from the rebound. As opposed to playing tennis or jogging, trampolines will offer a human body with the all-round workout and at the same time decreasing the danger of injury to the joints particularly the knees and ankles. The bottom line is doing these exercises is worth it.