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Sexy Hourglass Figure

What is Your Recommendation and How do I get Started?

Of course I would recommend waist training, but that is my personal opinion. I don’t know about you, but I like my organs the way they are. The truth of the matter is, it all depend on your goals. If your goal is to lose weight and have an hourglass silhouette then Waist Training is for you.

If your goal is just to emphasize on your waist reduction, and if you like the sensation of your body being dramatically restricted then corset training is for you.

To each their own. The fact is, they will both reduce your waistline; the only difference is the process. I will always stand by waist training as it personally worked for me and many of my friends My goal is to educate people as much as possible on the subject matter. So, if you do not like my depiction of corsets, I understand. However, my depiction is the truth and most of my articles always have evidence and resources to prove the point. It’s not like I’m writing randomly made up theories, these are actual facts.

To get started, you first have to identify your goal. This will enable you to identify which garment is for you, and what you are looking to accomplish. Once you have your goal, you need to pick a quality garment of course. The chap route always sounds great, but quality garments show quality results. eBay and Amazon are great for getting cheap products, but not great for getting great results.

Physical Benefits of Waist Training

The numerous benefits of wearing corsets are what attract thousands of women to this classic invention. The results are instantaneous and evidence by simmer waistline upon wearing a corset and there are sought after long-term benefits to be expedited as well. You will improve your posture, sculpt our figure and prevent any injury. Still not convinced? Let’s check out a long list of amazing physical benefits today.

  • Did you know that wearing corsets could strengthen your back and help you with injuries you have experienced in the past? Yes, wearing corsets is beneficial in this aspect. It also prevents osteoporosis and other disorders such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.
  • By correcting postures, corsets help people with scoliosis manage better and make the back curve less pronounced. After a long time of wearing corsets, scoliosis patients can observe a significant difference in their body structure. A man with plantar fasciitis felt much relief from pressure after wearing corsets for a couple of months.
  • One great benefit of corsets is the reduction of headaches since people who wear corsets often are inclined to improve posture, which prevent the nerves from the spine to constrict. Communication of the spine and the brain becomes less obstructed which in turn cause fewer migraines.
  • We are stressing the importance of correct body posture in preventing lumbar injuries especially for people whose profession requires them to stand all day or do a lot of bending and lifting. Mechanics, nurses and carpenters experience back pains because of the nature of their work. When they wear corsets, it will gradually improve their physical support, which in turn will enhance their endurance.
  • Corsets have been known to help prevent the weakening of joints experienced by those who have connective tissue disorders. By wearing corsets and improving their posture, they are less likely to encounter dislocation of joints and other physically altering injuries.

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

Some of the symptoms associated with gluten intake include: Constipation and bloating, diarrhea, gastroesophageal reflux, fatigue, depression, skin rashes, muscle aches and muscle damage, neuropathy (nerve dysfunction, especially motor and sensory dysfunction), migraine headaches, seizures, kidney disease (IgA nephropathy), type I diabetes, infertility, and mouth sores but doctors may fail to link these conditions with gluten intake.

In addition – unless you’re buying organic bread – wheat, for example, is drenched with Monsanto’s carcinogenic glyphosate Round-up just days before harvest, because wheat crops increase their seed output just before dying off after having been sprayed with glyphosate 7-10 days before harvest, according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT.

Not only has glyphosate been found to be a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization, but has been linked to a variety of other health issues including depression, diabetes and – you guessed it – coeliac disease and gluten intolerance.

Connection Between the Mouth and Body

One can feel fine physically, but an assessment by a dentist can reveal an oral health issue that shows that all things concerning the patient’s health is, in fact, not well.

Conversely, a medical issue can increase one’s risk of getting certain types of oral health issues.

Below are some examples:

  • Gum disease can worsen into the more serious periodontal disease as the result of diabetes and HIV/AIDS, both of which lower the body’s ability to fight infections.
  • Bacteria and germs from your mouth can enter the bloodstream and increase someone’s risk of endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of the heart.
  • Periodontitis has been linked to premature births and low-weight births.
  • Infections of the mouth caused by oral bacteria can lead to clogged arteries, heart disease and the increased risk of stroke.
  • Dry mouth is a symptom of Sjogren’s syndrome, eating disorders, cancer of the neck and head and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Osteoporosis makes bone brittle and weak, including one’s jaws. Those with osteoporosis may be a greater risk of bone loss in the jaw as well as tooth loss.
  • The worsening of one’s oral health coincides with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Pale gums, an overly red tongue that feels like it’s burning and inflammation on the corners of the mouth are possible symptoms of anemia.
  • Possible oral symptoms of kidney failure includes dry mouth, excessively bad breath, abnormal, stunted tooth growth in children, ulcers on the gums and tongue and a strong metallic taste in the mouth.

Both the body and mouth require great care to keep them both healthy, strong and functioning properly.

Disease and injury in the body can affect one’s oral health and injury and disease in the mouth can negatively affect one’s overall health.

Knowing that the mouth is interconnected to the rest of the body also changes on how we are to go about caring for it.


As I was answering her question on my daily routine, I was scanning the walls… children’s colourful pictures of auras, multi-coloured plastic eye glasses, an assortment of random vials and bottles, many of them dark coloured. I wondered how she could find anything amongst the chaos. I couldn’t help but judge the children’s artistic aura pictures, trying to identify which one I was most attracted to. On one level, in my imagination, I was a judge on a TV art competition and was being asked to choose a winner and on another level I was trying to focus and explain why last September, I had left a good job!

That is a difficult one to explain to any normal person. We have a hefty mortgage with nine years left on it, utility bills, mortgage protection, credit card debts etc. I worked in a wonderful place, with great people who were passionate about their work, with families that filled me with admiration for the way they overcame so many obstacles and challenges. My salary was decent enough, even with the cuts due to the recession. I was valued and knew my job inside out. But somehow I felt like I was clinging on to a cliff ledge by my finger nails, ready to fall into the abyss. I needed to get out. I needed my own space, time, rest. I needed to let someone else save the world. (A bit dramatic!)

After proclaiming that my mind was like a grasshopper, flitting from one thing to another (not news), Mary introduced an elderly woman, ‘Joan’ to me and said that she would be using her as a channel for my tests. I felt an ‘hmmmm’ rising along with my eyebrows, but said nothing. Mary came highly recommended and I had seen how my sister had benefited from her consultation a couple of months back. I decided that ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, I would suspend cynicism and go with it.

She explained that she was aligned to the energy of her friend and found her easy to calibrate. Mary asked me to put my hand on Joan’s left arm and she proceeded to pull vial after vial from a box, rapidly, holding them against her shoulder while Joan, in turn, held her right arm and hand straight out in front of her. Mary would attempt to push Joan’s arm down and depending on the amount of resistance Joan had, she determined whether I was intolerant or not to the substance contained within said vial.

‘Your energy levels are at five percent, no wonder you couldn’t work!’ RELIEF. ‘Your metabolic rate is at seven percent, you couldn’t lose weight no matter what diet you tried!’ MORE RELIEF. ‘Your aura is all over the place, disjointed. It’s like balls are being thrown at you and you just can’t catch them all. They are hitting your body and you have no defence!’ I could feel tears welling up. This person ‘got’ me.

I was gluten intolerant. I also reacted to broccoli, mushrooms, sweetcorn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peppers, most fruit and all grains and of course I was allergic to shell-fish, which I already knew. Mary explained that my body was in a state of inflammation most of the time, trying to deal with substances which were toxic to it. My body was highly stressed! I left with hope and a prescription for a medley of supplements.

Within a month I could feel renewed energy. Within six months I had lost one and a half stone! I returned to Mary after six months to see how the land lay. My energy levels were at 80% and my metabolic rate was normal. I no longer needed the supplements. I was able to re-introduce organic potatoes once or twice a week and some fruit. Gluten is still a problem. I can live with that! Of my own family who tested with Mary, three were gluten intolerant, two were lactose intolerant, one was also intolerant of oats and tomatoes and one was intolerant of tea bags, not the tea. All have found a huge difference in their quality of life, less headaches, migraines, IBS symptoms, rashes, exhaustion and they have noticed varying degrees of weight loss. I can’t say whether kinesiology works as a science or whether it’s just a placebo vehicle, but I do know that I will not be introducing gluten into my life again.

Staying Clear of Fad Diets

These fad diets often advocate that you eat only one specific food group while you’re on the diet. After doing the diet for a considerable time period, your body will successfully be deprived of the nutrients that can be found in the foods that the diet has banned. Now what’s so wrong with this? Certain nutritional deficiencies will deter you from getting six-pack abs. For instance, kwashiorkor is a nutritional deficiency that inhibits muscle development. Deficiencies defeat the entire goal of how to get a flat stomach.

Another down side of fad diets is that it can be quite restrictive and boring in the long run. Because these kinds of plan exclude so many foods from your plate, your choices become very limited. At first your willpower may be strong enough to keep you from eating all those blacklisted foods but time will get to you.

Depriving yourself of certain foods will just increase your cravings and lead to bingeing. This is the reason why fad diets aren’t for long term. It’s very difficult for you to carry on with such strict diet in an extended period of time. They only lead to a cycle of yo-yo dieting. You may be so close to finally getting that abs but you’ll only be frustrated every time you lose all your discipline and break from your diet.

Sinus Headaches

In some cases, a CT scan will be taken to get images of the sinuses but most of the time a physical examination and medical history are usually enough to make a diagnosis. Some doctors may advise you to do a CT scan anyway to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any other possibility.

Self-care at home through the use of home remedies, as well as prescription medications to control pain and inflammation is all that is needed to treat most cases of sinus headaches.

If your symptoms do not show any signs of improving even after the treatment or if symptoms get worse, you should definitely get in touch with your doctor as the problem could be more severe than initially presumed.

There are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of suffering from the symptoms associated with this condition:

  • Practicing good hygiene such as washing your hands often can help to prevent colds and infections in the upper respiratory system.
  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and using an air humidifier can also help promote efficient drainage of fluids from the sinuses minimizing the risk of infection.
  • Avoiding allergic triggers will greatly help prevent sinus infections for people with allergies
  • Stopping smoking also decreases your risk of infections.

Naturopathic Allergy Testing

New & Improved

Allergy shots may soon become a thing of the past. A new treatment called sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is rapidly becoming the preferred way to eliminate allergies. This new treatment of alternative medicine utilizes the blood vessels underneath the tongue as a way to introduce minute dosages of allergy-causing substances into the body, instead of using allergy testing shots. These small dosages gradually “re-train” the body’s immune system to stop viewing the allergic substances as a problem, and to begin seeing them as a normal part of the environment. SLIT works via the same general principles as allergy shots, except there is less risk of an adverse effect, and there are no shots!

There are several companies preparing sublingual immunotherapy vaccines, but not all make similar products. Some companies use a “master mix,” which takes all of the potential allergens and puts them together in a single solution. However, researchers from several sources, including the American Association of Otolaryngic Allergists, have published concerns with this approach. First, certain types of allergens can cross-react in solution, severely decreasing the potency of the medication. Second, because master mix solutions contain a large variety of allergic substances, it is likely that there will be some things present in the solution that the person is not allergic to. These substances may have the ability to work as “sensitizers,” potentially initiating an allergy.

Ahead of the Game

One company, seroSLIT, takes a more personal approach to sublingual immunotherapy. This company makes customized SLIT vaccines for patients that are based on each patient’s unique allergies. Determining what a person’s particular allergies are can be done using a simple blood test. These allergy tests measures a person’s antibodies to specific allergens, which can be used to determine not only what someone is allergic too, but also how severe their allergy may be. Using these results a physician can then work with seroSLIT to make a custom sublingual allergy vaccine containing only the relevant allergens.

Taking the SLIT vaccine couldn’t be easier. Simply spray the solution under your tongue, that’s it. Used correctly these vaccines can help control allergic symptoms in a matter of months, but for best results should be used for a year or two. After that time your allergies should disappear! The best part of SLIT, in addition to being painless and working well, is that it is extremely safe, even for children.

Provillus Hair Loss Formula

Many studies have proven that Provillus is completely safe and natural hair treatment option. This particular formula is effective in the improvement of hair conditions and hair scalp impeccably. Basically, it stops the growth of DTH i.e. Dihydrotestosterone which causes a hair loss problem in men.

Generally, sexual dysfunction is also considered as the most common side effect of different hair loss treatment products but no such issues have found in Provillus. All the ingredients used in this product are helpful in the overall growth of the hair. Due to this reason, this formula is known as the natural medicine for the human hair treatment.

Provillus consists of various ingredients such as Vitamin B6, magnesium, silicon oxide, stearetummuria, pumpkin extract, biotin, zinc and Gotu Kola. The presence of these ingredients prevents the growth of DTH in men. This is the main cause behind the hair thinning issue in men and leads to baldness. Not just for men, this solution is equally effective for women too. This is completely safe for both men and women. It’s really wonderful for maintaining strong and healthy follicles.

Hair fall problem in females can be caused because of different factors like cancer, mental stress, pregnancy. By keeping all these in mind, a particular Provillus formula has been designed for women’s hair loss treatment. With the take care of some precautions and guidelines, everyone can get safe and healthy hair. In case they follow all the instructions then they can enjoy good results of Provillus treatment. It can help you get back your shiny and healthy hair. So get an insight of it once.

Info of Treating Bleeding Gums

Look at Your Flossing Habits

Do you floss every day? Do you go in between each tooth or do you do a quick floss of the areas you can easily reach?

If your flossing routine has been inconsistent, non-existent or improperly done, your gums can bleed when you do decide to take flossing seriously, meticulous getting down deep between each tooth every day. Your gums are not used to the trauma of flossing and will bleed.

Your gums should, however, stop bleeding after a few days of thorough flossing.

Ease Up on the Brushing

If you’re thinking that the harder and faster your brush your teeth and gums, the cleaner they will be, you’re inadvertently making them more prone to injury, disease and infection. When you brush your teeth too vigorously you scrape off and weaken teeth enamel and irritate and scratch delicate gum tissue.

When you scratch gum tissue, it will bleed to ward off infection.

Brushing harder and faster isn’t better. Try brushing more gently in a circular motion and avoid putting too much pressure on your teeth and gums.

Watch Your Diet

Your oral hygiene routine can be flawless, but a poor diet can sabotage your immaculate oral care.

A diet packed with sugars and simple carbohydrates, such as starches, is not only detrimental to the health of your teeth, but can also lower the health of your gums.

Plaque from sugars and broken-down carbohydrates can weaken gum tissue, making it more vulnerable to gum disease.

Rise of Warming Oils

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger is well known for its ability to heal motion sickness. More than that, it helps expelling the heat from the skin by its warming action. Thus, if you get fever, it should not be neglected in your blend. This is due to its rubifacient therapeutic property, and by generalizing localized increase in blood flow and circulation, heat can be released through the skin by means of perspiration. Though there are many functions of Ginger essential oils, these few make it stand out of the rest in healing ailments concerning fever.

A case in point

A client with mild fever came to ask for help, she had headache and running nose. The reason for her sickness was catching wind cold. To relieve her sickness, the following blend was made:

  • 1 drop of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • 1 drop of geranium (Pelargonium roseum x asperum)
  • 2 drops of ginger (Zingiber officinale)
  • 1 tsp (5ml) of olive oil

This helped her relieve the symptoms and she slept well. She felt a lot better the other day after her first applications. Actually, in Chinese medicine, ginger is praised for its ability to relieve surface wind cold.

Cardamon (Elettaria cardamomum)

Cardamon and ginger belong to the same family. In most cases, they can be used “interchangeably”. In my practice, ginger is used more to induce surface perspiration while cardamom is used for deeper action like tonifying and vitalizing the body, if any difference arises.

The 1,8 cineole of cardamom makes it a good choice for ailments related to nasal congestion. Since it is a decongestant, it helps reduce the mucous congestion and swelling. It is a rising star for stopping the spasmodic (bronchial) cough in my clinical experience.

A case in point

A client with nasal congestion and bronchial (spasmodic) cough was given an inhaler with the following blend to relieve the symptoms:

  • 5 drops of Cardamon (Elettaria cardamomum)
  • 5 drops of Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus globulus)
  • 5 drops of Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)

This combination could benefit nasal congestion, but to my surprise, it was effective in stopping the client’s spasmodic cough whenever it happened. After three days of inhaling the blend, her spasmodic cough was healed completely. In fact, in my practice, I have used different decongestant oils to sooth the cough. But, it is only soothing without completely eradicate the problem. However, by adding cardamom essential oil, the problem got solved in a dramatic way.