Month: October 2018

Get Rid of a Headache

Use Cayenne

Cayenne can be described as a very spicy herb. However it is also well- known in the world of naturopathic as it is extremely effective in the treatment of inflammation and pain. There is a thing called the capsaicin that is present in Cayenne and this helps in treating the pain that is present on your head. It is capable of inhibiting a certain substance in your head that can help you get rid of the pain as quickly as possible.

Eat almonds

Almonds are helpful for headaches because they contain salicin. Salicin can be described as a substance that is considered to be a very natural pain killer. It is also used as an ingredient of many over the counter type of pain relievers. This Salicin can be used to convert into an acid which can act as an aspirin also. Thus it is best if you consider consuming almonds on a regular basis.

Use of feverfew plant

In case you are not able to use any nuts, you can also consider using the plant called the feverfew. Feverfew plant helps in relaxing your blood vessels when you are attacked with a migraine. This in turn can give you a very quick relief and thus it is a short term option capable of being used in the long run as well.

Nordic Diet

Many call it the New Nordic Diet, which has become a new food culture developed in 2009-13 with key emphasis on gastronomy, health, and environment. The New Nordic Diet is based on Nordic ingredients but is adaptable all over the world.

Contrary to the Mediterranean diet, which includes olive oil, it favors rapeseed oil (canola oil), which is high in healthy mono-unsaturated fat. And it also contains some alpha-linolenic acid, a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid similar to the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish.

Canola oil can help to reduce bad LDL cholesterol and the risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s possible that canola oil may be better at reducing bad cholesterol and improving heart health. The diet emphasizes cutting out processed foods and most high-fat meats like sausage or bacon.

Health benefits of the Nordic diet –

Its health related benefits are enumerated below:

  • A major review by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that both Mediterranean and Nordic diets reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
  • The diet could also contribute to weight loss. A University of Eastern Finland study also found that the diet down regulates the expression of genes associated with inflammation, which is thought to contribute to many chronic health problems and play a role in obesity.
  • Processed foods are more palatable, which results in overeating and weight gain. Since the Nordic diet de-emphasizes consumption of processed foods, it prevents over-eating and resultant weight gain.
  • Eating more of a plant-based diet is better for the environment as there are far less greenhouse gas emissions. About 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock production. It has been reported that factory farming for meat production contributes more to global warming than all planes, trains, buses and cars combined.

The Crux –

The Mediterranean diet has been considered to be the best so far as health benefits it is believed to offer. Now there is another diet making its mark in the culinary world so far as its health benefits are concerned. This is the Nordic diet.

In many ways, it is very similar to the Mediterranean diet but relies on rapeseed (canola) oil instead of olive oil. It also differs in its selection of types of produce, which are cultivated locally, depending on the region’s climate, soil and water.

Jumping Rope Exercise

Of all the physical fitness alternatives around, rope jumping is still one of the most cost effective. Even a high-grade physical fitness jump rope is just $20. However, great ropes could acquire for as low as $3. The rope should be appropriate and quality rope. It usually made of nylon row or cotton, PVC, plastic beads or leather. And, depending upon the surface area, you get on a rope. The weighted jump rope is the best rope for jumping exercise. The weight on the handles offers you an extra workout for the upper body.

You can exercise at any place like, on the beach, on boats, on top of mountains as well as in the dark. Until you reside in a hobbit hole, you can discover an area to jump rope. Before jumping, you have to know the basic requirement for jumping rope exercise. Adjust the rope by stepping and holding on the rope. The runners have to divaricate it over for high-end foot wears choose cross training shoe that should properly fit. The surface area for exercise is vital. Should not jump on grass, concrete, carpet or asphalt. It may grab your shoe and might twist your knee or ankle. Use a piece of plywood or wood floor or a mat that made for exercise.

What is the type of jumping exercise?

The quick circuit workouts are designed mainly for taking rest, and this kind of exercise can be in 30 minutes by using the jump rope.

  • Single leg jumps:
    One should incessantly jump on one leg and keep the foot in front of feet.
  • Double leg jumps:
    You should jump fatty, and the feet should touch the ground and chest lifted.
  • One should jump continuously at the same place but the shoulders back and down.
    Swing the jumping rope with wrists and not arms.
  • Opposite arm:
    Hands and knees must energetically come under the shoulders and knees should come under the hips. You should extend left leg up to hip height and right arm up to the ear. Your left arm extends to ear and right leg up to hip height.

Next Level Zumba

Zumba workout leaves you energized for the whole day. Once you get used to it, it becomes a routine and one gets used to the music and exercise form. It acts like a mood alleviator. The body movements inspired by latin dance forms integrate music and exercise such that it doesn’t feel like a workout. It also has meditative qualities associated with the dance cum exercise form. Started in 1990s by Colombian fitness instructor Beto Perez it has spread like a wild fire across the globe. Zumba the word actually means nothing but it has become a catch phrase.

The workout typically lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes, in which you alternate your body to slow and fast paced rhythms such that it burns your calories up and tones up your body. This form of exercise is more upbeat approach towards working out. Various level of zumba has been designed keeping in mind the adults, kids, and the youth. The workout is such that it uses your body’s own resistance to tone and sculpt the muscles.

Traditional work out methods for building strength are more rigid in nature; however they have evolved into more new concepts like zumba which add more flexibility to the body while maintaining the strength. Zumba with toning sticks is a one up level after you complete the initial level. Toning sticks are 2.5 pounds in weight which are used while zumba workout. These toning sticks help you buy more weight resistance to your workout along with your body weight resistance.

Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness is a feeling of lightheadedness with or without loss of balance. Dizziness is also felt when there is a blood pressure drop. Dehydration is also a major cause of dizziness, and motion sickness can definitely make people dizzy. There are forms of dizziness that pass without medical intervention. However, dizziness can also be a symptom of a more serious medical condition.

Regular folk might think that vertigo is just dizziness, but in the medical profession it is a very specific type of dizziness. Vertigo is more than a sense of being giddy, but instead it is a sensation that the world is spinning. It is also not similar to a fear of heights or acrophobia. Rather, even if the environment is not moving at all, the person who suffers from vertigo feels as if the world moves all the time. It is also different from a certain type of fainting sensation or disequilibrium. The type of dizziness that is felt in vertigo is a form of spinning due primarily to a pathological condition of the vestibular system which is found within the inner ear.

There is a set of associated symptoms that characterize a state of vertigo. Some of these symptoms are tinnitus or ringing in the ears, hearing loss, vomiting, and nausea. There are a couple of areas that may be problematic, thus resulting in the physical symptoms. If there is a disturbance in the labyrinth within the inner ear or in the auditory nerve pathways, vertigo may result. These disturbances may result from inner ear inflammation, vestibular nerve inflammation, and Ménière’s disease, among others. A certain type of vertigo that is caused by migraine headache is called central vertigo.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV is worth mentioning here because is it a condition that is very manageable as soon as it is diagnosed properly. BPPV is seen more in older persons than in younger people, and its incidence is higher in women than in men. Although there is no known cause, there are available management approaches that address the problems adequately.

BPPV is an idiopathic disease without an identifiable cause, but there are cases where BPPV is seen after head injury, ear surgery, labyrinthitis, vertebrobasilar ischemia (or reduced blood flow in that area of the brain), and prolonged bed rest. BPPV may also be seen as an associated symptom in syphilis, drug toxicity, otosclerosis or a genetic problem in the ear that leads to deafness, and Ramsay Hunt syndrome (viral infection).


These are all part of the coping process. However, despite of the availability of clothing able to battle out this temperature change, there are times or circumstances that put us in the position of being unable to fight the weather. One of these biggest risks is frostbite.

Frostbite is a medical condition where your skin and its tissues freeze.

This condition commonly occurs to exposed areas of the body-ears, nose, fingers, cheeks, chin, and even your feet. This means that any part of our body unable to deal with the temperature drop can be subject to this condition.

It can be difficult to deal with frostbite, and if not treated right, it could lead to frightening consequences such as nerve damage and amputation.

So a heads up: if you need to travel or stay out in the cold for long hours this winter season, you will be highly vulnerable to frostbite. There are many ways to avoid this, you can always layer your socks or use special heating devices. However, in case you suspect that you or someone you know is frostbitten, here is a list of the symptoms that you should carry around this season:

  • Your skin feels cold and includes a prickling feeling.
  • The affected areas feel numb
  • Your skin may turn red, white, a combination of bluish white or it may look grayish-yellow
  • Your skin appears hard or waxy
  • You become clumsy, and your muscles feel stiff
  • Blisters occur after you rewarm your skin (usually appears in severe cases)

These symptoms may not appear all at once but remain cautious as frostbite has three different stages:

  1. Frostnip – In the first stage, your skin feels very cold and it may appear pale or red. If unnoticed, you may also feel prickling or numbness, but do not worry since frostnip does not bring permanent damage to your skin.
  2. Superficial Frostbite – Your skin appears red and will turn white or pale. Although your skin feels soft, some ice crystals may occur. If you rewarm your skin at this stage, it will appear blue or purple. You may also feel stinging, burning, or swelling.
  3. Severe Frostbite – At this stage, you feel numb, losing all kinds of sensation (pain, cold, or any sense of discomfort). Your muscles and joints also stop functioning.

Watch for any sign of frostbite, especially if you stayed out in the cold weather for a long time. In case medical help is not immediately available, apply the following first aid steps:

  • Leave the cold and stay in a warm room right away.
  • Avoid walking unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Warm the frostbitten area in warm water. The water must not be hot, or it may burn your skin and cause further damage.
  • If warm water is not available, use your body to warm the affected area. (i.e. tuck your frostbitten fingers under your armpits)
  • Do not rub or massage the frostbitten part
  • Do not use the following when warming the affected skin: fireplace, stove, heating pad, or heat lamp. Doing so might cause more damage to the skin.
  • Avoid getting dehydrated or exhausted because it will most likely prevent you from responding to the cold weather.


Multiple Benefits of Aromatherapy

It is a technique by which you can cure your mental stress, depression and insomnia in addition to skin infections with the help of natural essential oils of herbs and shrubs which are devoid of chemicals and other impurities. These essential oils like rosemary oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, sandalwood oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, ylang-ylang oil, rose oil, eucalyptus oil; etc can provide you soothing experience.

It helps cure your sleeping problem by relaxing your body and mind. You can try a massage of essential oils and apply it on your body before you attempt to sleep. A thorough professional massage of your body with a mixture of essential oils can make you fall asleep, forgetting all the worries in your life. Moreover, you can take a refreshing bath before sleeping by adding a small amount of essential oils to your bath water. You will feel even better when you go to bed after such a relaxing bath. Warm water soothes your body, so it is highly recommended by medical experts that you relax your body by taking a lukewarm bath before sleeping.

You might think that this therapy is much too easy. But you cannot apply the techniques of this therapy with no preparation. It is not that simple, especially when you are suffering from acute illnesses like heart disease and lung disease. You need to have the assistance of an expert who can guide you in the right direction. Similarly, massage without the instruction of an expert may lead to muscle cramps. The working of your muscles is quite complex by nature and so you have to be careful while massaging your body.

In addition, if you are suffering from an allergy to certain scents, you have to keep it mind that it is quite possible that the fragrance of certain oils may disturb your senses even more or soothe you. So you have to use those oils which soothe rather than irritate you.

Microscopic Monsters

Not only are mites in our mattresses, they’re in carpeting, upholstered furniture, and drapes. Unfortunately, mattresses are where the largest build-up of dust mites usually occurs, simply due to the amount of time spent there, the large area of most mattresses, the materials they’re made of, and the reality that mattresses are rarely cleaned. According to Wikipedia, a dust mite will excrete 2000 fecal particles within its life time (of around 10 weeks). There are effectively colonies of these creatures, eating dead skin, reproducing, and excreting in mattresses and other common household furnishings.

What’s so bad about this is that since dust mites (and their feces) are so small and light, every time we create movement around them, they can become airborne. Such movement can include fans, centralized air systems, and people or pets simply going about their daily business. When the mites become airborne, that’s when they become most hazardous for people. Our respiratory systems cannot break down such particles the way our digestive system does, so the mites and related particles can reach sensitive tissues. Inhaling too many such particles can cause or worsen allergies, asthma, coughing, mucus build-up, itchy nose, sneezing, and other breathing problems. If there is already an infection in the respiratory system, like pneumonia or bronchitis, it also could prevent a quick recovery (EHSO).

Mattress companies are aware of this problem. The build-up of dust mites and their feces is the reason why many mattress companies recommend replacing your mattress every eight years (BedTimes). For those sensitive to them, allergists suggest using dust mite-proof covers, and washing the bedding in hot water weekly to decrease allergy and asthma symptoms. They also suggest vacuuming once or twice a week to reduce the amount of dust in the home (EHSO). Regardless of whether you have carpeting or hard flooring, vacuuming is important since it actually removes the dust mites and related particles from the environment, by trapping them in filters and/or bags.

There is no way to completely remove dust mites from our living environments. However, you can reduce the harmful impact they have on your health by taking measures toward preventing them from building up in your home and your belongings. Doing so can help ensure a safe and healthy environment for you, others you live with, and your guests and visitors.

About Paleo CrossFit Combo

CrossFit is an exercise system developed over the years by Coach Greg Glassman. It is both a commercial system offered in many health clubs, and a system that you can do on your own. It involves constantly changing high intensity exercises most of the time, with weights. It is a functional form of exercise in that the routines are based on common movements. For an example, a CrossFit exercise may use the same muscles and movement as putting something away on a high shelf. High intensity exercises like CrossFit have proven themselves as great fat burners. It is better to do a unique exercise briskly for a short time, than to do the same exercise repeatedly for hours. Once you get your metabolism up by doing a high intensity exercise, the body continues to burn fat after the exercise is complete. More fat burning in less time. It burns more fat walking very briskly for a short time, than walking slowly for longer periods. The average CrossFit exercise takes two minutes to thirty minutes to execute. CrossFit can be an intense training for bodybuilders, or a more casual method of fitness and rehabilitation.

If you wish to learn more about CrossFit or try some of the exercises, you may do so by visiting CrossFit recommends one of two diets, the Paleo diet, and the zone, depending on your goals. The vast majority of CrossFit trainers, also follow the Paleo diet. CrossFit people are interested in getting as much energy as possible from their food. They do this by adding more healthy fats such as nuts and olives to their diets. This works in perfectly with the Paleo diet. They add more low glycemic foods in place of higher glycemic foods like most carbs. CrossFit works well with Paleo because with Paleo you do get to eat a lot of food. You can eat many smaller meals throughout the day. Both Paleo and CrossFit treat food as fuel for the body.

Counter Flat Feet

  1. Get your feet wet.
  2. Stand on a flat surface where your footprint will show, such as on a concrete walkway.
  3. Step away and look at the prints. If you see complete imprints of the bottom of your feet on the surface, then you’re likely to have flat feet.

Seems silly but it works! This is the less precise way to test it. Doctor offices have more tool, but this can be a great starting place.

Most people are born flat-footed and they have no problem concerning their feet or any joints related to their feet. Others may have a stretched or torn tendon, nerve problems, or possibly a broken or dislocated bone causing them to become flat-footed. While some women become temporary flat-footed from pregnancy, one of the many joys gained from childbirth.

If you were born with flat feet you might get along just fine in life and in footwear.

If you have flat feet or fallen arches because of age, nerve damage, or tendon damage some of the remedies may help. Symptoms can be big or small depending on your body. The safest bet is always to go to your doctor and find out for sure.

Some options to help you cope with flat feet include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Pain Relief Medication
  • Rest and Ice down
  • Shoe Modifications – Braces, Cast

One final interesting item, what does it mean to have fallen arches?

Years of using your feet to walk, run, and jump eventually may take its toll. One of the eventual consequences could be a fallen arch. The posterior tibial tendon becomes weakened after long-term wear a tear. The posterior tibial tendon is the main support structure of the arch of our feet. The tendon can become inflamed (tendinitis) after overuse – sometimes it can even become torn. Once the tendon is damaged, the arch shape of the foot may flatten.